Spring has Sprung But Not Really

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on February 27, 2018

When we first moved to the farm I was nine years old, it was the middle of the summer. It was hot. I hated the farm. I grieved our old house. Seriously, I cried for weeks. Every night. I had no friends to play with. I had no where to ride my bike. I hated my one closet room. There was no cool basement. There was no ditch to play in. The people we loved would never drive all the way out here to see us! (It was only five miles, but it seemed like 500.) I did not want to move to the farm. Fall and winter did little to change my mind. It was grey and bleak and quiet and cold and wet. Spring was never coming. Then one day in late January, little sprigs of green started popping up in the front yard. LOTS of them.

Turns out there were thousands of jonquils in our front yard. They just happened to be a flower I dearly loved. They used to grow wild on the vacant lot across from our old house. Now I lived in a house with a yard full of them. My heart began to soften towards the farm…still didn’t love it, but there was a bright spot.

Now days, if I were a betting woman there are two things I would always bet on.

  1. My Mama and Daddy’s front yard will be full of jonquils in full bloom no later than Valentine’s Day.
  2. The flowers may have bloomed, and we may have had some warm days, but winter is NOT over.

We have taken pictures in the jonquils every year since Boom was a baby.                                                                                                                                                                                  

 I love them and look forward to taking the pictures every year!!  This year is no different, so I made the boys take their annual pictures in the jonquils.  Boom has promised he will come home from college when they bloom so I can still take pictures. I’m going to hold him to it!

As our spring schedule begins to fill up with baseball games, practice, school events, Easter plans and the many activities of daily life, it is important to stop and smell the flowers. I look at these bright beauties as promises and reminders. God is still in control and His timing is perfect. I don’t always understand it, however it is perfect none the less. For now the jonquils are blooming and the temperature is dropping. Winter is not over, but spring is in the air!!

Welcome Hoss!

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  • Nelda Orth

    Great pictures! I can’t comprehend Boom and college in the same sentence!

    February 27, 2018 at 10:33 pm Reply
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