Naps in the Sunshine and a Pirate War

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on March 6, 2018

About 2:20 this morning, just after I had finished watching an old rerun of Murder She Wrote, there was a very loud explosive sound and then absolute quiet. I sat up in the bed and listened for a minute or two. It’s not terribly unusual for the power to blip off and back on at our house. Vinniehoney snorted into his cpap machine about 4 times before I finally announced that the power was off.

He got up to investigate the noise and sure enough, there was a giant old tree down across the road in front of our house. Vinniehoney called 911 so they could dispatch some blue lights to hopefully prevent an accident. In just a couple of minutes here they came along with a couple of power trucks and a couple of fire engines. Those fire engines can light up a super dark road like it is high noon!!

Needless to say our adrenaline was rocking and rolling and there was no way we could just go back to bed. Not to mention the fact that our house was flooded with flashing lights and the sound of chain saws!!

It wasn’t long before Boom was awakened by the commotion, so the three of us perched on the front porch in the dark, watching the action! Finally about 5:00 we began to yawn. The bulk of the excitement and noise was over. The fire trucks and police cars left. Only the power crew remained and they were waiting for a different crew to get there to repair the damage to the power pole and support for the transformer.

Boom dozed off, Vinniehoney dozed off and I was close until Hoss woke up. He was bright eyed and bushy tailed from a good nights sleep. And he was hungry. I finally convinced him I wasn’t going to open the refrigerator in an attempt to preserve the cold and food, so he settled for some mini muffins.

Hours later, power was restored and there was enough hot water to take a shower. Thank goodness! Off to school and work.

On the way home from school this afternoon, the boys attitudes reflected their lack of sleep and disruption of their nightly routine. So we came home and did what we HAD to do then headed outside for some good ole Vitamin D! The Boom decided to rest instead of playing ball…most unusual for him. I would be concerned he’s coming down with something except this is how he is resting.

Hoss, on the other hand, is waging a war with a rival pirate ship. Don’t worry mateys, the back yard is safe from plunderers! He has a stick that doubles as a fire hose so he can put out canon ball fires. He’s a good little pirate!

I think an early supper and bedtime is in order for everyone tonight!


  • Susie Fitch

    Life’s little adventures!!

    March 6, 2018 at 9:58 pm Reply
  • Nelda Orth

    Nothing like a sunshine nap😎😎😎

    March 7, 2018 at 10:31 am Reply
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