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School Projects and a Robot Dance

Posted in Family, School Projects, The Boom
on February 26, 2018

Just in the last year or two has Boom been assigned school projects that he needs to do at home.  We haven’t had typical science fair type stuff. We’ve had things like ‘build a board game based on a book from this list’ and the most recent one ‘write a narrative for a robot then build the robot’. The problem with these school projects is that they do a portion of it at school and a portion of it at home.

For example, when it was board game project time, Boom chose and read the book at school.  Then he wanted some help with the board game part. I hadn’t read the book, never mind that he chose a book of poems!!! What teacher does that to a parent? I managed to download it online and we came up with a concept, but I’m honest enough to admit that the night before it was due, we called GrNanny for reinforcements.  Mostly so we wouldn’t kill each other!  Boom and I are a lot alike and that can sometimes be a challenge.

This past week the school project was the robot project.  Now I know for a fact that this project was assigned back in January. Other parents had posted pictures of their kids robots on Facebook for weeks.  Not Boom. We waited until the VERY last minute. His narrative was that the robot interacted with an app. You downloaded the app, put the robot on your car and then programmed into the app your destination.  The robot would then safely guide your car to your destination. Ya know, since not everyone can afford a self driving Tesla! Good concept, right?

Well, he wanted his robot to be kind of techy, so his idea was to go to the public library and have one 3-D printed.  So, at the very last minute on the very last day, he said it HAD to be done.  GrNanny, Boom, Hoss, and I loaded up and off we went.  Boom got the robot he wanted picked out and started.  The librarian who set it up said it would take 56 minutes to print.  It was just before 5:00 and the library closed at 6:00. Whew! Except that 45 minutes later, it was only 37% complete and it wasn’t looking like the robot he had chosen. Now let me just say, when the library closes at 6:00, what that really means is that at 6:00 the lights are out, people are out, doors are locked and employees are gone. There is no grace period or exception offered for a 10 year old who needs something for a school project the next day and is in tears and devastated as his whole vision for his school project has been obliterated because they somehow managed to screw up their process. GrNanny and I were happy campers.  Let me tell ya!

So, we left, with half of a wrong robot and a very sad Boom. After supper, we brain stormed different ideas and had a semi plan. GrNanny started pulling out different components that might work and Boom assembled them the way he wanted.  Glued together, spray painted gold, add some googly eyes and a baseball cap and this was the final result!!

The final component was to figure out a way to attach it to his remote control car so he could demonstrate his narrative and actually make it look like the robot was driving the car.  Hot glue to the rescue!

Needless to say it was past bedtime by the time all was finished.  In hindsight, I should have asked Vince to take Hoss home and put him to bed.  He was just so entertaining though.  He totally adapted his routine to an all robot themed routine. He is Boom’s very best cheerleader!!  Here’s just one of the MANY robot dances he did for us.

As creative and crafty as I am, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t love school projects so far. However, I always had parents who thought outside of the box and helped me come up with cool ideas and then actually helped me to pull them off. Boom has a fantastic imagination, so it is a pleasure to make his creations a reality to the best of our ability. I dread the days he no longer needs me to do that, and the days that he is grown and school projects are merely a few pictures in my memory. My greatest pleasure is being their mom and helping them make their dreams a reality, even if it’s not the way they envisioned. That’s just good parenting, teaching them to roll with it and look at things from a different angle. Life doesn’t always go the way we envisioned, but you know what? If the good Lord gives you another day, you gotta get up and look at it from a different angle and do the next thing.


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