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Here Comes The Boom

Posted in The Boom
on January 23, 2018

I think the only thing worse than a kid waiting for Christmas is an athlete waiting for the season to start.

My kid will make a bat or a ball out of anything and while that can be terribly frustrating (please just hand me the remote control) it can also be very endearing.  Don’t get me wrong, before he fell in love with the game, I would have rather licked a hot skillet than sit through a ball game. But somehow, once he loved it, I began to also.

Then he got his nickname, The Boom. It was transforming for him.  He became The Boom, a mighty force to be reckoned with on the baseball field or the football field.  He’s had the same coach for both sports for two years now and we love Coach Earl.  He has embraced The Boom as much as anyone and he has helped him become a better athlete and team mate.

We got the text tonight for his first conditioning practice. FINALLY!!! It’s been almost TWO months since we had to be at a ball field!!  Freezing cold? Pack the snack bag, bucket of toys, blankets, jackets and hand warmers.  Hot with 100% humidity? Pack the snack bag, bucket of toys, cool cloths, battery powered fan and beach towels so the bleachers don’t singe your fanny.  Rain but no thunder? Pack the snack bag, bucket of toys, raincoats, dry clothes and shoes, beach towels and umbrellas.  If you need me on a Saturday between now and July, I’m at the ball field. Yep, I’m all in.

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