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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Voices in my head

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on January 23, 2018

Sometimes it’s good to listen to the voices in our head.  Sometimes it’s not. It can be hard to learn which ones to ignore and which ones are just distracting us from going about our day. Perhaps Hoss said it best the other day.


From the backseat of the car~

Hoss: Mom, sometimes when I’m about to do something I hear a voice telling me if it’s a good idea or not. Is that an angel?

Me: Well, it would more likely be the Holy Spirit.

Hoss: The Holy what?

Me: The Holy Spirit (help me know the right words Jesus) is a part of Jesus that is always with you after you ask Jesus to forgive your sins and live in your heart. Kind of like when you hear Mommy’s voice in your head telling you to do something even when I’m not with you.

Hoss: Is his name Gabriel?

Me: Gabriel? Is who’s name Gabriel?

Hoss: The Holy Spirit. You know is Gabriel the Holy Spirit that told Mary she was going to have baby Jesus?

Me: Ahhh, no. Gabriel is an angel.

Hoss: Oh, well who is the voice in my head that keeps singing the song about the 8 planets in our solar system?

Me: That’s called an ear worm.  That’s when you get a song stuck in your head, but it has nothing to do with the Holy Spirit.

Hoss: I have Jesus in my heart, the Holy Spirit in my head, YOU in my head and a worm in my ear?! NO WONDER I NEEDED HEARING AIDS!!!!

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